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Wednesday, December 3, 2014


Alexander Wang x H&M 
Ok so since Alexander Wang released his new collaboration with H&M We all know that everbody went crazy over the sportswear inspired attire. Some camped overnight in front of H&M Bukit Bintang just to get a pair of leggings. If you look at the collection,  you'll find that it is very much inspired by sportswear. Like look at that sandals.

That sandals.

Alexander Wang x H&M Leather Sandals

Looks familiar much??? Your abang, uncle, aunty, sports playing-go-mamak-friend's sandal is now.... THAT FASIONABLE. Woah. 

Doesn't matter that the models are wearing windbrakers because it might be -3 degrees cold. As long as it's stylish and sporty, it's ok to wear a slipper in any condition. Sounds very Malaysian...lol..Whack only slippers everywhere.

Woah even rihanna is reppin it. 

With sportswear brand like Nike and New Balance coming out with killer technology materials, not only can sportswear be comfortable, but stylish as well. Running shoes beats wedges anytime. I think ever since i've started running, i've only been wearing sports shoes where ever i go.

Ok maybe cause i have a super major crush on Adrianne Ho.

Yup. I wanna cycle too liddis

nice sportsbra gurrl

Love yo flyknit racer

Technology bruvv

A woman can look sexy/ sleek/cool even in sportswear. Play with patterns and colours. Ok whatever lah.. "patterns colours"..  im more of a practical person. So as long as it fits and does its job, im happy with it. Seriously Sportswear is so comfy!  And admit is Adrianne Ho looks badass in it too!

To be honest i love sportswear. I wished i was sponsored. Cause in a week i use prob 3-4 sports bra (no im not a pengkid trying to hide my boobs... lol.. i do lotsa sports) and running shoe's all i wear. haha.

And it makes a huge difference when you wear a good sports bra and a "cikai" one. The level of comfort and absorption is incomparable. 

Also that Dry-fit technology nike talks about, is amazing! I can run 5 km and i don't feel sticky. I mean, i do feel sticky but not the damp kinda stick? you know? 

So yeah.. If you guys are unsure where you could get sportswear and would like to browse for sportswear online, do visit ZALORA as it offers a wide range of amazing sportswear online for women collection from clothing, shoes, bags, caps and more.  


Let me know what you think about wearing sportswear out and whats your fav sportswear brand! 

Monday, August 18, 2014

The temper trap

my current fav band. their song "science of fear" reminds me a bit of delphic tho. huhu. the temper trap is so dancy. i can imagine going in slow motion. haha

The Temper Trap - Sweet Disposition (Live on KEXP)

The Temper Trap - Science of Fear

Fader - The temper trap

jakwob remix of fader. SO GOOD!

Rysa 2014

Hey guys,

I know i havent been blogging. I do miss having a small community where i can share my thoughts and what not. How've you been? Miss ya'alls!

What have i been up to?
I've been busy working. I work for a non-profit now. We do volunteering stuff. At the same time, im still doing freelance graphic design. I'll post a link to my website soon!

Hehe. So shy now. you can follow me on instagram too at @rysa

I don't even know what to write about.. urm... so yeah... miss you alls ^_^

Have a good week ahead!