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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

30 day challenge: Your views on drugs and alcohol.

30 day challenge: Your views on drugs and alcohol.

Lets face it. Drugs and alcohol are all around us. Some can be beneficial and some can be vicious. In my opinion, neither of them are bad unless abused. For instance, some drugs can stimulate and heighten our senses and some can even cure certain diseases... a good thing, no?

Of course it depends on what kind of drugs we are talking about. If it's Au Natural like marijuana, I say if you're at the legal age, then DO IT. Might make you calmer or giggly. I can't promise. As long as you don't become a stoner and bum all day. Pretty helpful when facing finals. It's so good that if you don't overdose and sleep it can help you focus. With that, even coffee can't compete. It must be pretty safe since cancer patients are usually recommended medical marijuana to ease their suffering. If it's bad and dangerous, it wouldn't be recommended would it? ;)

Then there's morphine. Eventhough ive never tried morphine, my first introduction to morphine was at the age of 6. If you're a child of the 80's/90's i'm sure you're familiar with the tagline "mighty morphin power rangers" by the Power Rangers. Of course by morphin they meant to transform and not the drug. HAHA..

It was when i overheard some of my older cousins saying that morphine is a drug and they too being clueless not knowing what it meant thought power rangers were on drugs or something. I f***ing bet they were.. F***ing animals and dance moves.. sasau gila bai..

Ok so i didn't do morphine but i do know people who undergo surgery will be given some morphine to ease up the pain. I guess that's not so bad... considering some drugs can do good as long as you don't get addicted and fucked from it.

Acid/LSD doesn't stay in your blood nor is it traceable and you can't die from overdose. Sounds pretty safe. Best taken outdoors in a calm sunny environment or while listening to psychedelic bands on vinyls. Surprisingly, Toro Y Moi would be a great selection despite not being the conventional psychedelic tune.

I think everyone should give this drug a go at least once. Lets say it was a good trip, it'll open up your mind and senses and allows you to push your mind to greater limits with endless possibilities. Even though the visuals you're experiencing comes from your imagination, it does feel like watching a 3D psychedelic euphoria animation projected through your eyes. Yes, expect kaleidoscopic vision and trippy colours like the image underneath. Nope not wired. Just fuckin trippin ballss~~

Don't worry, you wont be judge. After all, LSD are usually taken by decent people (mainly musicians and artist) because it's an inspiring creative drug unlike bath salts.. not that i've done bath salts before... but at least you know you won't be turning into a flesh eating zombie with LSD. Unless it's a bad trip then you might be imagining zombies trying to eat your flesh instead. gnarly.


As for alcohol. We use it everyday. It's in antiseptics, nail polish remover, perfumes and a bunch of other stuff that's available from your local drugstores. It is also used in french cuisine and famous as a beverage. If consumed moderate and responsibly, it can give you a good time.

 But that's the thing about alcohol. you can't control it. That is why some religion forbids its practitioners from consuming it. Alcohol can make you agro and commit crimes. It kills your brain cells and could make u do things without consciousness. Like getting a penis shaped tattoo on your face. Just sayin.

 So yeah, unless youre the rich and famous, and can afford rehabilitation centers and bailouts, don't get addicted to drugs and alcohol. There are other ways to reach a euphoric stage. That my friend, you might have to just google.


deadjournal said...

1st time reading ur blog! artikel ni awesome!

great point of view and hell yeah. power ranger xaxau! itu point yang paling tak pernah terfikir dari dlu! hahaha.

RYSA said...

thank you@ sasau gak aa. lullz