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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Triptunes #1

In this series, i'll be listing some unconventional trip tunes. I do not wish to elaborate much but if you ever try gummies do give the tunes below a listen.

Musically i felt this album to be different from their previous ones but i totally get why the cover art looks so trippy. Mew's introducing palace players was orgasmic and i meant it literally..

I was sitting on the toilet seat while M83's Wait was playing when suddenly I saw the tiles underneath me glowing with intense crop patterns. i thought i was imagining it as i wasn't aware of any marks on the tiles before but when i took a closer look, i realized that there were indeed fine patterns! Somewhat in the shape of tiny conjoined snowflakes... and i saw it all simultaneously beaming so clearly.. like... i can't really explain... but it was epic. :')

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