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Friday, April 6, 2012

Productivity : i'm back!

Before anything else, do bookmark this page and secondly WOW It's been a while since my last update... 10 months to be exact.

Newsflash: I resigned from my creative designing job last Friday and now it feels awkward being out of job. Not complaining but Yes! i'm officially freelancing and taking up odd jobs to temporarily support myself and with that being said, do holla if you wanna work on something.

Despite having all the time in the world to sort my sort of tangled life and current situation / jiwa gelora almost quarter life crisis, i'm starting to miss the routine of going to work in the morning. lol. WHAT?? lol. UNBELIEVABLE I KNOW! see updating blog at 7.01am. konon effisyen la.. bangun pagi padahal punklet was pawing my face sampai terbangun 30 minutes ago cause i didnt clean her litter box the night before so she can't poo and it's uncomfortable and... lol. *sorry lari topic* However, it's good to finally have time for myself which i hope will be used as productively as possible. I'll try to update my blog as often and perhaps this could be my official journal for bigger things to come. Cheers!xx

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P/s: ehem, kak esah dah besar dah. Trying to hustle in the real world.

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