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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

30 Day Challenge : Day 1

Day 1: Your current relationship

I try not to be a P.D.A (public display of affection) kind of person when it comes to relationship. Not online at least. Which explains why i haven't been writing much about my relationship.

I guess a lot of us would find it nauseating reading updates on couples declaring their everlasting love towards each other online and believe it or not, despite their PDAs, some of these couples do cheat behind each other's back and when they fight it's like a mexican cinerama telenovela NTV7 for the whole friend list to see (eventhough it's on the internet, saying the whole world instead of friends list seems a bit pompous. because i don't think they'll have the whole world adding them on facebook and i don't think even mark zuckerberg has the whole world adding him.)

I might be wrong but I believe guys that frequently tell their "other half" how much they love them via the "internet" are mostly attention seekers, sweet talkers and they spend 90% of their time "chatting" *flirting* with other girls behind their gf's back. *like.. herro gurls~~ look at me being this charming sweet boyfie.. posting to gf's wall how much i love her daily for the whole friend list to see.. you gurls want a piece of this? wink wink ;)*

*I'd rather vomit blood than talk to this kind of douchebags*

Decent guys can't be bothered with "PDAs" because they know conversations like this are to be remain private. But i think mostly to avoid mockery from his fellow peers. I guess they realized Tak macho ah kalau abe muh writes babee kangawoo nak titon ni! which means "baby kangaroo i'm going to bed" on your facebook wall daily.

However, I'm not saying you're meant to be kept in the closet either. He should at least have his FB status as "In a relationship with you" and have some of your photos together. What i'm saying is that if he's really in love with you, there's no need for constant PDA. Isn't it better to privately facetime or whatsapp or that traditional sms or public phone or if you have unifi free house phone to house phone calls that makes it possible for you to talk all day and express yourself better.

Just because he confesses his love on your wall daily and set relationship status doesn't mean you can guarantee he'll be loyal. I bet we've heard of that story of somebody's boyfriend cheating when we thought they look so "in love" in the public eye.

But don't trip too fast. You should be more offended if he flirts with other girls but never post anything on your wall. After all, good things are meant to be shared... like this photo

*only to be sent to you that is.*

yeah yeah.. I love you too.

Back to the status of my relationship. Hmmm.. i can't think of anyone else i'd rather be with than the person i'm with right now and I do sometimes write terlalew rindew pada yiew on my bf's wall.