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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

30 day challenge

I was browsing my web folder (photos saved from the internet) while looking for tumblr worthy photos when i came across this interesting 30 day challenge. Now I shall make it a point to complete each challenge daily for the next 1 month. Do expect some answers to be abhorrently honest and liberal.. but we shall see.


HaNi said...

i terlalew page yiew and rasew naak wat ni jugaak.


*vomit blood

seriously, may i?

cindir-rela said...

wah2!! do write this one baby!!

im waiting:) hehe..

btw, i move to jb to 'build' my career here...hehe

so, susah gile nak online because they blocked all the website..tapi skang curi2 wireless..heheh

gdsjht said...

i should do this too starting by tomorrow.

purrr <3