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Monday, May 16, 2011

Aftermath of a sudden disappearance #2

41 in Tampin


Guess what? My blog is active again. Yay! the last time i posted anything was on the 30th of August 2010... which was 9 months ago.... DAMN LONG AGO!

Since then i've only been blogging (sort of..) on tumblr (www.raeesa.tumblr.com) and i update my twitter a lot! @raeesa_sya follow me there too!

Anyway, i've decided to start blogging again on blogspot because i have been working at netccentric for the past 5 months and we are encourage to blog / own a blog to boost the banner sales. hahaha. jk.. ok half joking.. in support of the company.. lol...

So yeah.. i'm not sure if i'll post any artworks anytime soon.. but i'll try!

Lots of love and candy XOXO
Raeesa Sya



i like the photo yoga piano :3 :)

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Sue Anna Joe said...

Once you bounce back from a hiatus of blogging. Rasa macam reborn dan suci sekali. Welcome back.