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Saturday, August 21, 2010


A lovely girl asked me what's the meaning of sheandroid.

in summary, the concept behind the name sheandroid was derived from the word 'she' as in female(myself) and 'android' which means a 'humanoid' or 'artificially created being that resembles a human being'. in context, by my understanding, when i blog, it's through a form of media. the internet. my blog is just a collective of codes and pixels that are stored in a place. you don't hear it directly from me but through a virtual space that anyone can log into and interact. so by saying she android i'm actually saying my android. 'she' is just another way of saying her (her as in mine) and the word 'android' represents my artificially created being which sole purpose acts only as a medium for a virtual interaction without loosing the characteristics of what i would actually be like in reality. :D

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in the mean time, i've been digging this video. so wtf!

Dan Deacon - CRYSTAL CAT

1 comment:

Ash Lee said...

:) oh no i am not that much of actually being lovely

i thought sheandroid was a cat's species, initially, seriously~

i love your blog anyways, been reading it since like forever but hehehe i'm more of a reader than a commenter. and you're awesome :D