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Monday, June 28, 2010


i am of course so in love with kemp muhl! i want her head piece!! probably i should make one. this year i'm fascinated by anything native/warrior like (yeah so obvious with feather themes going on in a few of my artworks). including a new band called local natives!! so nice! please please please check them out!

i made this (janda hitam) for bad@map inconjuction with kl design week. it's actually a mirror converted into a dream catcher. huhu.

i am also digging this suckers remix of local natives - "wide eyes". SO GOOD! download link


RG said...

nice song!!!! thanks for sharing :D & i like those native headwears too. not very functional and daily friendly, BUT NICEEE.

iqanabeera said...

heyy spotted that mirror when i was at map, i remember thinking to myself i should steal it for my room. haha. prettyyy