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Monday, June 21, 2010


my house inspired by Takao Shiotsuka Atelier silent house.


first attempt on doing 3D in 3Dmax. reminds me of the sims.

owh ya, i was watching a documetary on designers in class the other day and it got me thinking that most people would say to think outside the box. i believe we should throw away the box and start from nothing. why do you need a box anyway? kankankan. like function and practicality over creating mindless junk that we designers keep on creating. there's a whole debate that i could talk about. hmm.

like if a phone is good enough why do you still need a casing for it? what's pop my bery for? those bb covers. i know you have like 5 different bb covers in 5 different colours. what for?? create junk only. if the product is good enough you dont need the covers. find a better solution/ material. scratch free the same material you people use for jet fighter air craft.. nasa came up with a few scratch proof materials if im not mistaken. then again itll be because of the cost. probably then the hp would be pricy-er but think about it. if we could find a solution and an invention of a better material to make the cover so it satisfies the needs of everyone without forking money to get things such as covers.. now i believe that's a better invention.

then again.. economic wise. probably they made the phone in such way that it would be a necessity to get those covers because it creates job opportunities for a lot of people in china and the rest of the world to make underpaid phone covers/ accessories in some dodgy factory. and phone companies will get more money when customers have to buy 5 different colours for their bb covers ;) good marketing strategy. but yeah... junk junk junk... so please we should really stop creating so much junk in this fucking polluted world anyway.

owh ya if you guys rajin, go and read on kenya hara. he's unbelievably inspiring ♥

and watch this video. :D


cindir-rela said...

i love the bb idea...yeah! if the phone is sooo gud, then, why need cover kan??


Edna Sinn said...

well said!
3D u pon awesome :)

Anonymous said...

nice job meow =)

Gooseberry//Yo said...

if there's no BB cover then people will get bored and contemplate on buying another phone. since they cant change a thing for the casing. just another designer's point of view :>

Sammy! said...

Oh noooo!!! Dont do this...you'll end up nerdy and geeky (and a doofus)...stay as a model and be as pretty as you are right now...

Haha, just kidding my dear, definitely you are a girl of many talents...aiya...and i envy that...

p/s : designers are not geeky, they are gorgeous...like me! hihi

RYSA said...

thanks everyone :)

sammy- haha. yes youre gorgeous :D

Yana. said...

very nice for first attempt. u r talented!