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Tuesday, March 23, 2010


studying graphic design is actually nothing like what i thought it would be. today in class i was learning psychology. how different types of personality would effect a team. we talked about carl jung and siegmund freud. i like design management class. it's so interesting. the class is more like a facilitation on a certain design management topic. pretty much a discussion. you can curse, debate, shout fight and what not to prove your point. see damn interesting right. huhu

i feel so lazy lately. and yesterday i bought a movie ticket and watched it alone at 11am in the morning -.- i feel like i want to be alone the past few days. so depressing. i can't think straight and not inspired at all. what is wrong with me?? i seriously feel a lot of hatred and im supposed to pass all of this when i was younger since im no longer a teenager. lol.

school just started but im not ready for it. sigh. i should stop with all this hating and emo-ness and just be happy. seems like i need to resolve some unseen issue that's been bothering me so much first and figure out what to do next. haihh.

anyway, i am so loving this song. the video is alright.. but the song!! omg!!! best gila ok! AND.. omg.. is the guy hensem or what??? perfect ok.. chinese look, skinny, tall, with a beard. SIGH.. come say it with me! SIGH!

AND!!! LOOK AT WHAT HE'S WEARING... BLACK CONVERSE!!! omg.. dah almost a year i cakap nak beli... but still havent!! ok.. im so getting them this weekend!! huhu


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dont be depressed meow =)