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Wednesday, March 3, 2010


what's new? some of the stuff i bought the past few days and received.

currently im reading this. lol.

bell for my bike. so cheap. rm5 at this japanese store in the curve.

this is munyut. ha ha ha -.-!

tokyo fixed is an awesome bike shop in london. haha. it used to be in tokyo then the owner moved to uk but still maintained the name. lol. so confusing kan!

bought a one shoulder dress from sevendays. there's a huge bow on the left side of the shoulder.

muji marker pens from muji. I LOVE MUJI! they're so minimalist!

my new bike grips. huhuhu. so aweosome! it looks like a keyboard. got delete button ok! so cool. huhuhu

borrowed this from zul. i love bootleg session videos. their tricks damn berani mati i tell you!

i bought a blue ray :( cetak rompak dvd of HERO. huhuhu. yes do not support cetak rompak :P

and finally new wedges from micazz. 5 inches okay! huhu. althought it's a size too big for my feet. hmm. need to tighten the straps or add cushion to make it smaller i guess.


huda said...

Hey have you heard that 65dos cancelled their show in singapore,malaysia and taiwan? sigh!

cindir-rela said...

wow!! are u read?? thats cool...still got time for reading...and i think people who love reading is adoreable

rysa said...

huda- i heard :( sigh. so disappointed and devastated :(

cindirrela- yeah i do. heheh. although i rarely have the time for it. thank you sweets :)

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sn said...
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i didnt know muji, just watching the website i love! i love simple & solid things

Ober Frederiksen said...

where the fuck did u get those odyssey gripsssssss!!!??

rysa said...

ober- london. tokyofixed store.

sarah said...

where can i get the munny doll?

rysa said...

hey sarah. im not so sure. my friend bought it in london. prbably you can find it online here. goodluck :)