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Tuesday, February 16, 2010



i received a group request from my high school on facebook. shit. and realized that i still havent collected my spm certificate. haha. it's been 4 years. and also it reminded me of my class blog. yeah... we had a blog for our class. so funny. and i found a video of me leading my green house team. shit. yeah i was a tomboy and the president of the sports club. i had short hair and was holding a flag and i had glasses on.. wtf.. buruk gila. hahaha. FAIL!! -_- god i had an annoying voice. so immature. sigh..

khairul and i. early 2006. tuhan, ampunilah rambut apek jual sayur aku. wtf.. buruk gila. haha.

jeah rysaoki 2006. huhu. we had a special name tag for our class. huhu. LK stands for lukisan kejuruteraan my fav class!! cause we teh coolezz. lol. im not sure what's the english term. i think it's technical drafting or engineering drawing. most of my highschool classmates are taking either engineering, quantity surveying or architecture in college. i je sesat ambil graphic design/multimedia -.-

who dat ugleh beetch wif teh flag?!?! lol

this was in 2004 actually. i was 15. hahaha -.- omg. we looked so young -.- i had really ugly glasses. hahaha.

khairul and i. my hair was slightly longer by raya 2006. huhu.

middle 2006. i started ladyesah. this was wayyy before i started doing apparels. was doing a lot of street art/wheat pasting/bombing back then.

merdeka 2006. atin's crib. right-left: shingyee, atin, me, hana and suet. omg. masa ni atin nmpk mcm orang gaji yang kalau cuti hari ahad akan pergi shopping mall ramai ramai dengan geng orang gaji lain, i was a pembaris papan hitam, hana was a lesbian and suet was a body builder. LOL

puasa 2006. kat pkns. i was trying out scarves -.- haha. see hair much longer this time. thank god. tuhan, ampunilah rambut apek jual sayur aku.

deepavali 2006. padang near suet's house. owh i miss this so much!!

atin's first fashion show at bb. awwww.

my first fashion show at ou. haha. omg.. buruknya. sigh sigh sigh. i started off being really ugleh/bad at modelling then practice practice practice! yes you can do it too! just practice practice practice!

finally, end of 2006.

huhuhu. omg. thank god it's been 4 years. high school was awesome!!! but towards the end, it wasnt important to me anymore. sebab i know, there are bigger things to achive in life and highschool was just a begining and i had a life outside high school. lol.

tak boleh ah nk layan the highschool bitches yang maybe they *perasan cantik* and are popular back then tapi when they graduate, they become not important to the society. so lain kali adik2 belajar rajin rajin, pastu boleh kerja bagus bagus or pursue what you want / your goals and dreams. jangan buli adik2 lain kat sekolah pastu cakap besar macam gangster tapi bila dah habis sekolah diri tak kemana pastu last last maybe cari laki kahwin pastu maybe umur 24 anak dah 3. huhu. then again. it's your life and only you can decide for yourself. bukan? maka adik adik kalau you're in school/college and there are people bullying you, ignore them. once you graduate, it doesnt matter anymore. huhuhu ♥





me in class. haha. we were fucking nerdy and i really didnt give a damn about how i was perceived in school. you wanna tell me i ni buruk perangai, macam jantan, tak cool, selekeh..etc... dipersilakan. haha. those were the days. haha. turn off tak?


art:tech said...

turn on kot.

hahahahaha power!
i like this entry.

Tian Chad @ 永遇乐 said...

You looks good even with short hair =)

Diloz said...

terkejut beruk tengok gambar last weh!


1412 said...


gambar last tu patut masuk album gambar u. sejarah tu.

Chatterbox said...

nasihat yang sangat berguna heh :p

Edna Sinn said...

coolnya nametag!
i'm rysaoki...

FJ said...

gile tak percaya aku tengok gmbr2 dlm entri ni, hahahahha!
anyway, ure still the coolest rysaoki ;)

hv a prosperous tiger year y'all!


meowmeow too cute meow you are =)
i want this meow like assistante!

Nyt said...

kantoi kantoi , i pernah tgk ada satu gmbr u tomboy kt mysapce dulu


syencho said...

i lol'd

Azzam?? said...

i definitely love the last pic! =D

crazy_labelle said...

dulu mse sekolah menengah, kne wajib pkai tudung.... mse tu i pkai tudung labuh ustazah okeh sbb xnak sama mcm indon2 suke pkai tudung kecik... sigh...

fallen_again said...

hahaha... nice entry.. love the last pix...

rysa said...

arttech/tian chad/diloz/1412/chatterbox/edna sin/FJ/lenw/azzam/crazy labelle/fallen agian-

LOL thanks!

yanasaja said...

u damn right girlll!! i luv all ur highschool piccas,so damn funneh!!!