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Friday, January 22, 2010

an intense weekend session 7

haha. over the bar skid

adwin and zul.

we had breakfast and went riding around subang.

wtf kan... mamak jual hashbrown and baked beans for breakfast. haha. yeah itu roti sama salami. of course they goreng the salami (euwwww) they taste ok to be frank. LOL

naq and his cinelli x mash

meel and his shanghai bike. nananaice.

taken on sunday. shah alam ride. palie found a new place to play tricks. uuuuu~~

at 2manydjs on friday. thanks everyone!

saturday ride with ratskl

ok actually ada weekday juga. pagi semalam and friday night punya photos. haha. im sure you must be puking blood looking at bikes on my blog already. haha. i love bicycles. i can't explain. ha ha ha. the other day i got my bike checked and uncle joo ngan kata my hubs dah haus. sigh. what can you expect from a 2nd hand hub. stress. anyway, was thinking of getting formula hubs soon, anyone who would like to share shipping cost let me know!


sammy! said...

sorry tak dpt tolong rees...i ada basikal tua ajer...huhu...
Nice photos btw...:)

kokeen said...

omg jauh nya you jalan! :O

Diloz said...

cool ya amat!

rysa said...

sammy- no worries :) thank you :)

kokeen- jauh gilaa~~ i am developing thunder thighs now. LOL

diloz- fun :)

1412 said...

uuweee. sungguh cantik itu bianchi.


bianchi grr! =)

syencho said...


Jack Lingam said...

i nak jadi handle bar u bleh?

Cyphereza said...

Whats your drivetrain setup?