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Friday, January 22, 2010

an intense weekend session 7

haha. over the bar skid

adwin and zul.

we had breakfast and went riding around subang.

wtf kan... mamak jual hashbrown and baked beans for breakfast. haha. yeah itu roti sama salami. of course they goreng the salami (euwwww) they taste ok to be frank. LOL

naq and his cinelli x mash

meel and his shanghai bike. nananaice.

taken on sunday. shah alam ride. palie found a new place to play tricks. uuuuu~~

at 2manydjs on friday. thanks everyone!

saturday ride with ratskl

ok actually ada weekday juga. pagi semalam and friday night punya photos. haha. im sure you must be puking blood looking at bikes on my blog already. haha. i love bicycles. i can't explain. ha ha ha. the other day i got my bike checked and uncle joo ngan kata my hubs dah haus. sigh. what can you expect from a 2nd hand hub. stress. anyway, was thinking of getting formula hubs soon, anyone who would like to share shipping cost let me know!

Friday, January 15, 2010

adidas Originals - Star Wars Collection

i am so currently loving this video. Celebrate this powerful alliance to the beat of a new and improved remix of the Imperial March, as Vader and the Stormtroopers land on our street corner greeted by Snoop Dogg, David Beckham, Calle 13, DJ Neil Armstrong and Daft Punk representing their originality. No matter which side of the Force youre on, believe the hype, this year is going to be massive.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

trend 2010: side braids

ok fashion update. my first fashion entry eversince i re-opened this blog.
2010 trends: i've been spotting a lot of fish tail braids, and braids tied on one side. it's sooo adorable!! been wearing this style for the past few weeks now. looks really good with half shaved head. lol

Alexander Wang Spring 2010: Messy thick side braid

Saturday, January 9, 2010

illustration: zezation magazine half a year ago -.-

i did this for zezation magazine a while ago.
my hands are currently full. making me stress!!
by monday, i need to do the rest of the website for stuckinthird, brochure for secret collection and sketch out tatoo for vypy/vincent paul yong. (he's having an exhibition in kinokunia. go check it out! awesome photos!!)

Thursday, January 7, 2010

twenty one of age, is it for real?

top: gambar kucing tak sedar diri camwhore kat padang lepas penat kejar butterfly

i am turning 21 this year! woot! I CAN FINALLY VOTE FOR NEXT ELECTION! awww!! *clap clap*

i know i'm 6 days late to be talking about how i feel about 1 year ago. i honestly feel awesome|satisfied|content|happier now. i think 2010 will be a brilliant year with lots of opportunities and possibilities. i am thankful to be who i am and will continue to cherish each and everyday.

the begining of 2009 was difficult, exhausting and ridiculous. too stressfull that by the middle of the year i decided enough was enough and went away for a little while. (best time of my life!) it's true that with every hardship, if we managed to get through it, we'll learn a valuable lesson and things will soon get better because in most cases, a situation usually will get worst before it gets better! i did not turn myself away from my problems. i solved it then i went away. i made sure it's dealt/talked about then only i can find peace/move on.

during my 3 months of isolation from the 'usual', i've transformed drastically into a different person. i think the changes were for the good as i now tell things for what it is. if it's blue, it's blue! i know some say i should be more sensitive, but seriously don't ask my opinion then tell me to be sensitive...??? even though i know people would only want to hear what they want to hear. hmmm. NEHHH.. not gonna happen!

however, if you DID NOT ask for my opinion, i will of course say NOTHING. why find problem when there's no problem?!?! jangan jaga tepi kain orang! and do not say anything if you don't have anything nice to say unless they ask for it lah.. kan? but i'll be honest la. if it's nice of course i'll say it is nice :) gitu dehh. don't ask me to do a personality survey about other people. suka hati mereka lah nak jadi apa pun. janji tak kacau hidup i.

why am i so like this one? so bitter~~ and all and bla bla .. *emo kid i wanna hurt myself cut wrist and eat worms* no lah.. i'm not bitter i just couldn't care less anymore. because i'm tired of bullshit and people. people who claim this and that... tapi inside you know they can't be trusted. so yeah i'm sparing you people from bullshit.

*bunyi angel turun dari langit dengan lampu spotlight 500watt*

one less bullshit on earth = less rubbish


plus i'm currently into the whole sustainable design / eco-friendly concept. this year i would try to live healthier, contribute less wastage and pollution to mothernature and be a better person. i try. godspeed me.

owh owh.. i still love cats! tapi now im no longer a cat girl because i can't brand myself like that anymore. and i turn off semenjak ada orang self proclaim she has cat eyes. LOLLLLLLLLLLLL AHAKSSZZZZ #%$&E^*$&*. meowmeow! ok be good! bye ♥


top: gambar budak emo camwhore tak sedar diri kat padang -.-