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Saturday, December 12, 2009

vietnam september 2009

photos from my vietnam trip in september. damn long already -.-
vietnam was not bad. it's like penang 30 years ago. lots of vintage stuff. some might be original vintage some might be fake original vintage. LOL.

my sister at the lcct airport waiting to board the plane.

view from the top~~ uhhh~~

school kids

the bus must be really old.

my sister. this picture damn random... i have no idea what the background is showing also.. like no purpose background -.- see what? nothing to see also.. maybe see motorcyclist and a car turning.. -.-

his wheel chair got steering wheel!!

at a buddist temple

this uncle sit damn style ah. like cleopatra on 3 stools. terrer..terrer..

i would recommend this french cafe. the food is good! no pictures of food because i was too hungry so had forgotten to take picture. ha ha ha -.-

same outfit like malaysian school boys butttt! they are wearing sandals!!

i asked him to pose for me!! LOLLLL

crazy sheiitt! i think as long as got space, they'll continue to stuff stuff on their bike. berani mati sial! respect~~

at the war museum. helicopter and a revolving machine gun.

my mum being all tourisy need to take my picture of me taking her take my picture. get it?


Alan Marz said...

guard tuh muka tak boleh bla,ha ha
1st pic, mcm ugly betty ;)

Azzrizal said...

macam you je.

Rajuna said...

takut ah tengok ah pek bawak tin air tu.

Diloz said...

macam penang.

yanasaja said...

apesal adek beradek comel2 neh.so she's like meow no.2.hehehe...

rysa said...

alan- guard muka serious. lol. ugly betty? taklah. huhu

azzrizal- yup. lebih kurang la muka.

rajuna- takut :(

diloz- kannnnn :)cuma beza, penang makanan lagi BEST!

yanasaja- haha. thanks. tapi dia tak meow!! :( punklet meow :)

Khairul said...

And you say you don't have the eye for photography. Gila tipu. I like wor...