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Saturday, December 19, 2009

punklet, my adorable silly cat

this is my cat. her name is punklet.
punk for little punk and let for catlet (taken from the word piglet ; little pig) = punklet

awww <3 <3 <3
she is so cute! and clean, smells good and well behaved. a shy and a lemah semangat cat. likes to chase after moving things. she's afraid of the yellow glove that i use for washing dishes. freaks her out. especially when i flip it up and down real fast like 'pek pek pek pek pek...'

she's afraid to go out of the house and doesnt like direct sun light. when i carry her to the door she'll panic and hide underneath my armpit and struggle to break free. so cute. but it's not cute when she scratches me while trying to break free. -.-

she was born on my roof underneath the water tank. she's a blessing. and i love her so muchh!! :) if you steal my cat, i'll roundhouse kick your face and run over your body with my bike before i hand you to the police for theft. and i am not kidding.


xierah :] said...

i pun ada cat. The other day I sent my cat to the pet vet and diaorang cakap ur cat ni dah obes. and i was like kucing pun ada obes ke ? hee :)

P o p p y said...

wah so adorable ah. lucky that u mentioned, baru nak catnap

rysa said...

xierah- ada!!! kucing gemuk kelakar. sebab diorang macam lazy and suka duduk upwards. lol.

poppy- hahaha. kan!! LOL jangan la :(:(:(:( nanti i terpaksa run you over with my bike :( :( :( sambil letak punklet dalam bakul. haha


she's cute! her eyes are beautiful
i love the photo on the suitcase
she wants travel to see venus!
she looks sweet mrrrr