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Saturday, December 5, 2009

origami omg ASICS

If you are a fan of running shoes, you sure know about ASICS. But if you are an origami fan, then you shouldn’t miss this. This breath taking video on the origin of the Japanese sports brand ASICS is absolutely creative, with a great concept and very interesting. By using origami as the model, what else the Japanese haven’t done? Directed by Tim Schierwater and Origami ArtistSipho Mabona, let just start with a piece of blank paper.

source: femmenthing


∴∴∴ said...

omg i saw this video masa buat research typo-origami last sem, and i cam, whoa... i want an asics shoe.

tiger! nyau!

Edna Sinn said...

i suka gila hi-cut onitsuka tiger,hahaha,xde kaitan kan

rysa said...

you did? cool kan!! hehehe. nyau nyau!

adna- takpe onitsuka sama la tu. :) nice kan. tapi sini tak ada :(