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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

monster is a cat

me in monster costume. hahaha

typographic studies 6A, 6B and 6C

inside photobooth without visuals

inside photobooth with visuals

my classmates and i did this! we damn rajin i tell you! -.- *ok i lied..we damn lazy actually but forced to do :(

my booth and classmates

randomnya.. hahaha. yeah man! bought this for my bicycle just incase i burst my tube and need to change it.

sean and i .

danny, me, sean, our typography lecturer mr shahrulfikri

sean, danny, and i (danny is a male model (hence the "look at me i do alpha male model macho pose" -.-) owh ya he's also participating in the ford modelling competition 2009 can watch that online i think. too lazy to link up. go google la if you wanna see him do an alpha male model macho pose -.-)

in class. my classmate and i worked so hard to make the typography sculpture.

test camera take 1

sean danny and i. see even with stupid headpiece danny still have that alpha male model macho pose. HA HA HA -.-

a monster and a cat. lol

Polaroid looking photos taken using fujifilm intax 200. sean, danny and i made a photobooth with visuals projecting on bodies for our typography carnival (typographic studies class)
i didnt sleep for 2 days straight and was not sleeping for more than 2 hours per day for the past 2 weeks before the carnival. crazyfuckshiet! i'm so glad that it's over and i'm currently on holiday! WOOT!

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