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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

an intense weekend session 6

a picture by bam. rempit batak gila tangkap gambar mcm ni kat crossroad time lampu merah -.- sighh. nasib baik memang main basikal hari2. kalau takkk!! sighh. lol.

had an awesome weekend. wanted to go cycling to shah alam on christmas day but 41 performed at awakening studio with akta angkasa, killeur calculateur, orbit cinta benjamin, and pusher. lama tak main gig. but our set was tight. nanananice :) big thanks to jinneh, alif and faiz for coming!

shuz and i
hafiz on the far left (sibuk) and the muz brothers. yes semua nama ada muz

41 setting up

on saturday night i went to delicious in bangsar then to bar itallia in changkat to celebrate ray's birthday. i sooo am in love with bar itallia's open air rooftop with its comfy floor cushions, gelato and drinks selection.

got home pretty late. before zul sent aaron home, we went to the car wash. YES zul had his car washed at 3 am in the morning at carltex ss17 because his car got bombarded by bird shit while we were at bangsar earlier.

the worker washing the car while we're in it! awesome gila he used blue liquid soap. (okay... tak relevant langsung).... anyway... we took pictures! -.-

-.- FAIL!

then on sunday, i had to work in the morning. shooting for stuckinthird.

the actor jo on the left and my colleague matin

yes i have really silly collegues

zainol pretending to shoot nothing. yes he was literally shooting nothing. -.-

then after work rushed off to kl for a cycling session. bam (crank arm steady) and nassran (peonfx) came all the way from singapore to join us. diorang terer dowhh! half of the group cycled from bangsar-kl. then diorang balik bangsar and drove to uptown for dinner. then after dinner pg damansara perdana to go see cinelli bikes. hmpph. yes bikess because ada 2! hmmphh.

volume cutterrrr tuuu!! uuu~~~ (jakun)

black and white picture by bam.

why do i prefer brakeless bike? easy. i have full control (man power), it's reckless and stupid yet so thrilling. why do a mat rempit ride his motorcycle and race and do stupid tricks? haaaaa... i'm beginning to understand why. okay minus then uncivilized attitude la of course.



meoww this is not chuck norris which pedals the bike, it's the bike which pedals for chuck norris
mrrrrrrr =)

suraya said...

hi rysa, i wonder where do you get your fixie? ohya, 30 seconds to mars video kinda remind me of you and your friends :P

cindir-rela said...

zainol look hensem...say WOW TO HIM...heheheh

ladyesah said...

lenw- lol!

suraya- i got my track frame form nyc bikes. looks similar to a brooklyn machine. lol then track hubs kat kajang, grips tr bikes singapore, handlebar in gombak the rest at bandar sri damansara. haha. jared leto naik fixie tuuu. lol

cindirela- haha. hensem ah gak. he's very shy actually. nanti i cakap dia you cakap wow yeah :)

adwin said...

Power to the 'MAN POWER'
haha.. raesah si rempit.. wheelie satu :p

rysa said...

adwin- you la terrer buat wheelie!! haha. i buat wheelie pun sebab you yang ajar!! hahaha. thanks for getting me the grips incik adwin :)

adwin said...

haha.. yeah rite.
its on urself jgak klau u tanak bwat wheelie mmg tak aa u buat kan..
ehh better u use riser la. easier loh :)

mohd said...


cindir-rela said...

waa..tq2...i think he is still single kan?? haahah

rysa said...

adwin- alolololo. malu malu pulak~~ haha. riser tak nmpk jahat. haha. lol

mohd- ye saya~

cindirela- hahahaha. dia kirim salam balik. he is... hmmm complicated. hahaha. but seeing someone ah. artist -.- LOL LOLLLLL