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Sunday, December 20, 2009

an intense weekend session 5 : Macaframa Video Screening at wheel_love

went for the macaframa screening at wheel_love skate shop in subang on friday. then went riding around the hood. cycled with a few new faces. thanks to rats kl for organizing this event. <3

pictures courtesy of ray, wl33, fad manaf and adrian.

ray wheelie
me being all mak cik looking with a scarf wrapped around my head due to the drizzling of the rain.

naq and his surly bike

track stand competition

i've no idea what i was doing. haha

rhyme sial! LOL

Qama selling cookies. lol

my bike!! see new grips! it's orange tho. got it on tuesday :)


Ami Schaheera said...

i was there! but only for a brief 5 minutes, passed Majin his new SAGbag hehe :)

1412 said...

u might want this.