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Monday, December 14, 2009

an intense weekend session 4

went riding with zul, ray and aaron from kj-uptown yesterday. so funny. aaron's crank arm fell off halfway then towards the end of the night his hub broke. huhu. poor guy. was just getting into the whole fixie thingy. i almost got into an accident. was going downhill really fast then at the traffic light must turn right at a corner i couldnt brake hard enough so i had to jump on the curb with my bike and jump down back. adrenaline sial!!! LOL

photos by rayyiu


1412 said...

no pain no gain.

rysa said...

1412- tu lahh~~ huhuh

dyla rosli said...

omg cantiknya hijauuu.
kalau glow in the dark lagi superb.
hahah ada ke? -.-

rysa said...

dyla- cantik :) hmmm. tak sure. tapi rasanya ada kot. hehe

yanasaja said...

naseb bek x jatuh tergolek..be careful next time okie~

cindir-rela said...

rysa..nak gi men basikal pon still look preety and wearing comel outfit...hahaha..


rysa said...

yana- tu lahhh! huhu thanks :)

cindirela- hahahha. tak pretty. biasa je. comot gila mcm 5 year old okay!! hahaha. but thank you! comel macam youuu! :)