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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

didi budiardjo collection

did the layout for didi budiardjo for ratu sehari magazine. you can get his stuff at parkson pavillion.


sharinna said...

pretty pretty pretty! ;)

rysa said...

sharinna- kan!!i love her designs!

Ami Schaheera said...

so cantiikkkk!!

FJ said...

didi budiarjo is a HE tau =)

rysa said...

ami- kannn!i nak baju kahwin mcm tu juga!!

FJ- owh ya. sorry. i love his designs! lol :)

sharinna said...

GAH. like seriously? bahahah, i thot he was a she.

FJ said...

and rysa, i love YOUR blog.
i baru je start jadi follower blog you. honestly
your designs they spell -> AWES0MENESS. suka!

rysa said...

sharinna- tu lah. i though she juga cause never met him personally. sbb his collection here goes under snd so i berurusan dgn orang snd. hahaha.

FJ- thank you!!! AWESOME LIKE YOUU!!! :):)

nabilahidayah said...

cooool and awesome-ness! :))