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Saturday, November 7, 2009

i received an awesome parcel today!! christopher kane x hysteric glamour

hahaha. yes earn. this is soooo awesomeee!!

hysteric glamour

courtney love
anna tsuchiya wishing hysteric glamour a happy birthday. SHE'S SOOO HOT!!!
i didn't want to open the nirvana bag. cause i'm afraid later it'll get dirty :( but it's a really cool bag. huhuhu

this evening i received a parcel from earn. haha. he posted to me some goodie bags by christopher kane x topshop and hysteria glamour. iz awesomeeee!! earn is the owner of a wonderful store in singapore called surrender. and he writes for hypebeast as well.

p/s: owhhh yes. this is so much better than flowers man!! LOL. THANKS A LOT! i'd be sending a parcel soon as well :)

owh ya i'm sure you all miss PUNKLET!! tadi dia sibuk wanna see what i'm opening. haha.


∴∴∴ said...

i'm so tamak, I WANT YOUR CAT

crazy_labelle said...

u tanak open nirvana bag tu sbb u nak bg i kan... haha... :P

rysa said...

tak boleh ambil ponklet saya :( :(

crazy labelle- hahahahhaa. kelakar la you ni. :P

cindir-rela said...

babe, crocodile tuw is sooooo cool..u bawak pegi jalan2 macam 'wow!! look at her beg!!'

AMP-HI-TECTS said...

meowwww meowwww ^_^


the chair looks so confortable
i want the same! ^___^
punklet so cute meow! i want
cuddle her mrrrr =)