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Monday, November 16, 2009

an intense weekend session 3

hari tu i was doing my work and punklet NAK JUGA TIDOR BELAKANG I!!! dah la sempit, tidur kangkang :(

day 1

day 2

went riding with rats kl and mass kritikal on friday. almost 40 of us riding around kl. i tried to wheelie but FAIL! -.- takpe practice. lol. on saturday went to see la quiete at one cafe. they were awesome! although ada sorang budak hardcore ni potong ah!!! like sesat gila. DUDE!!! MANA ADA ORANG TWO STEP TO SCREMO DOWH.. seriously -.- SEMAK BETUL LAH! tak habis habis. sighh. towards the end i think a few people got annoyed and purposely slammed into him while moshing. haha. kelakar -.-

Saturday, November 7, 2009

i received an awesome parcel today!! christopher kane x hysteric glamour

hahaha. yes earn. this is soooo awesomeee!!

hysteric glamour

courtney love
anna tsuchiya wishing hysteric glamour a happy birthday. SHE'S SOOO HOT!!!
i didn't want to open the nirvana bag. cause i'm afraid later it'll get dirty :( but it's a really cool bag. huhuhu

this evening i received a parcel from earn. haha. he posted to me some goodie bags by christopher kane x topshop and hysteria glamour. iz awesomeeee!! earn is the owner of a wonderful store in singapore called surrender. and he writes for hypebeast as well.

p/s: owhhh yes. this is so much better than flowers man!! LOL. THANKS A LOT! i'd be sending a parcel soon as well :)

owh ya i'm sure you all miss PUNKLET!! tadi dia sibuk wanna see what i'm opening. haha.

awesome artwork by Maurizio Anzeri

photo embroidery by Maurizio Anzeri. i'm so loving this! inspirational!! that's how you put colours into black and white photos :)