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Monday, October 26, 2009

things to do

i haven't been blogging for a while because i've been busy with school and work.

things to do:

+ 5000 words essay on sustainable design
+ then turn into a book. must do layout.
+ batik promotion video
+ video clip

+ carnival typo:
+ motion graphics
+ booth design
+ visual projection
+ product, branding, packaging
+ costumes for photoshoot

+crazy shit. no time to waste now! the pressure is on. weekend ni dah la halloween. sigh.


naqibmiller said...

bayan lalang..
erm..it's been a while..

rysa said...

naqib- hehe. sana best tangkap gambar after 3pm :)

naqibmiller said...

bukan sane dah xbest ker??

rysa said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
rysa said...

naqibmiller- best kalau you nk tangkap vast amount of empty space la. kalau nak mandi, baik mandi kat sungai klang je. sebab it'ssss soooo dirtyyy!! :(