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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

kitteh om nom nom

i did the illustration for zezations magazine but had edited the background for this blog.

my next project would be for secret collection and tic x yahoo. and soon i'll be starting my internship at clot and clef. huhuhu.

anyway, omg.. i've been updating this blog everyday.. ishishish. rindu sangat kot -.-


Devious Cat said...

*shakes head*

meow suka jilat hand sebab masin..really?

aww..kesian that kitty kena diarrhea nanti..haha

good luck and have fun kitteh for your internship!!


Bella. said...

good for you, and good luck :)

cindir-rela said...

gud luck for ur internship babe!!

wah, iyears and 6month to go ha??

me...lagi 6month..then, i'll go internship to0!! wuhu..together2 we make our own money...:P


rysa said...

devious cat- haha. tengok kucing la kot. kucing i tough kasi makan seeweed pun dia boleh handle..lol.

bella- thank you babe! :)

cindir-rela - uhhh! yupp! now i ada 1 year 1 month je lagi. hehh. you intern mana nanti? :)