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Monday, October 12, 2009

aftermath of a sudden disappearance

so, wassup with the blog yaww?
the good news is i am back!!! although i am not quite certain regarding the future content and direction of this blog.

the bad news is: to my dismay, i wasn't able to retrieve any of my previous posts before i deleted this blog :( boo!

anyway, be good! and let's make it fun again! woot!


nanidylan said...

welcome back!

Edna Sinn said...

yay,can't what for your fashion entries.
looking forward on that.

naqibmiller said...


farizzet said...

welcome back

Devious Cat said...

yay! you're back!! *licks*

wb raeesa


rysa said...

nani- thanks babe! :)

edna- hehehe. yay! yupyup :)

naqib- hello :)

farizzet- thank you :)

devious cat- alaa!!! tomeinya!!! hehehe. thank you!

cindir-rela said...

yea!! finally...happy blogging dear..glad to know that u start blogging again!!

syafiqah said...

miss you blog and finally! hehe :D

syafiqah said...

sorry typo error. *you = your :P

Ainaa said...

whee you're back~
Missed reading your blog ;)

rysa said...

cindirela- yupyup. thank you!!!!

syafiqah- i miss yours too! lama dah i tak buka blog2 orang!! huhu.

ainaa- aww! thank you babe!! :)